Update Cardano 1.32.1 For Node

The Digital Syndicate team recently got a heads-up about Cardano 1.32.1 for Node. This new
version makes significant changes to how nfts are created from the command line, as well as
the mint engine running on the live node. The release notes are available here, and the team
has outlined the changes below. Hopefully this article will help you get up and running with this
new version.
Testnet nodes updated to 1.33.0-rc1
Cardano-nodes on the testnet and mainnet have been updated to version 1.33.0-rc1 and
1.34.1, respectively. While the reported version is still 1.32.1, the git commit is from 1.33.0-
Mainnet nodes updated to 1.34.1
All Cardano Mainnet nodes have been upgraded to 1.34.1. However, some of them are still
reporting the previous version, 1.32.1. The update is aimed at improving security,
performance, and decentralization, and relies on ADA holders, who are also validators in the
PoS system. The upgrade also provides better support for the upcoming Basho era, which will
enhance the network and introduce sidechains as sharding mechanisms.
The mainnet nodes have been upgraded to version 1.34.1 in anticipation of the Vasil hard fork
scheduled for June. This version enables more transactions to take place in a single block.
Cardano block size was increased from 80 KB to 88 KB last week, allowing for more scripts
and transactions. The Daedalus wallet team also fixed numerous Windows bugs connected
with Ledger hardware wallets and is working on the basic architecture of a new desktop
This upgrade also allows the network to take advantage of smart contract technology, which
makes the platform more flexible and efficient.
Smart contracts allow anyone to create
agreements and trigger actions that don’t need professional oversight. With the addition of
smart contracts, Cardano will allow the deployment of decentralized applications. Cardano’s
goal is to make traditional financial services more accessible and inclusive, while removing
financial middlemen.
Despite the fact that Ethereum 2.0 is still a few months away, it is already on its way to smart
contract capabilities. The new Goguen update is expected to bring these to the Cardano
network. This update will allow developers to make better use of existing projects. The newest
version of Cardano is also compatible with existing projects, including those developed on
Ethereum. Its new versions support the latest improvements in both smart contract languages
and the Goguen blockchain.
The new version is also compatible with Plutus. It will allow smart contracts to be created
easily and quickly. By using this new update, the system can deal with more data while taking
up less disc space. With these new features, Cardano is making strides towards sustainability.
As part of this development cycle, the network will also have a new Voltaire era, which will
allow participants to vote on protocols and the way that they are run.
Cardano-cli updated to 1.32.1
The Cardano-cli updated to 1.31.1 includes several bug fixes and other improvements. The
version number is now consistent with the current version of the node. The node’s
configuration file contains information about the version of libc-bin and libhtml-format-perl. The
dput, libnet-ssl, and libmodule-runtime-perl are also updated.
libjson-xs-perl has been updated to version 3.040-1+b1), libmoo-perl is now 6.01-1, and

libhttp-cookies-perl is now 6.04-1. Other updated libraries include libjson-xs-perl, libcgi-pm-
perl, libnamespace-clean-perl, and libnet-diff-perl.

Other important changes include libpython3-awk-client, libio-stringy-perl, and dirmngr-perl.
These are now versions 0.28-1, 0.12-1, and 0.014-1, respectively. If you’re running Python 3,

the libpython3-gpg-wks-server and libfile-chdir-perl have also been updated to corresponding
This release contains libstdc++-8-dev and libpython2.7. Also, libm4 is now 1.4.18-2. And,
python-apt-common has been updated to It is recommended that you upgrade to these
packages if you are using them on Windows. It also contains important security updates. The
updated version of Cardano-cli includes several new libraries that will keep you protected from
malicious software.

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