T-Mobile refreshes ad business with new name and app-based insights

T-Mobile recently rebranded its advertising sales business and introduced a program to help marketers reach consumers based on app usage, which the company says is a strong indicator of consumer intent.

As marketers face the disappearance of tracking cookies, they’re looking for useful data signals to help them find the right consumers at the right time. With that in mind, T-Mobile last month launched App Insights after a year-long pilot program to provide advertisers with more insights about millions of mobile users. Around the same time, T-Mobile Marketing Solutions was renamed T-Mobile Advertising Solutions.

“We launched Advertising Solutions because we believe the ad tech offerings that brands are forced to use today are broken,” a T-Mobile spokesperson said. “For years, brands have spent massive amounts of advertising money ineffectively, using outdated methods like web browsing data and cookies to ID prospects. That’s bad for brands and consumers.”

T-Mobile’s insights are based on how its mobile customers use apps, which the company describes as “the strongest indicator of consumer intent.” Its mobility data include the all the apps a customer has downloaded to a connected device. The information also indicates how often and for how long they use those apps, including their web browsers. With Advertising Solutions, brands can use this data to create campaigns and audience segments.

Advertisers can use the data to study different kinds of mobile behavior, such as how many users of an app have another kind of app. They can see how app usage corresponds with transactions, or how many of their target consumers use rival apps.

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