Sword King in a Womans World

Sword King in a Woman’s World Review

This reviewer has given Sword King in a Woman’s World 4.5 out of 5 stars. The story revolves around a seventeen-year-old boy who has slain one of the world’s fifty demon lords. In the end, he becomes the sexiest man alive and becomes a sword king! However, this gimmick isn’t enough to carry the whole manhua.

Immortal swordsman in the reverse world

In a previous life, Lin Feng was a max-level swordsman. But he would never depend on a woman again. Instead, he started a cultivation path and would build a world for men in the matriarchal society. Now, his path is changing. Read on to learn more about this unique journey. After a hundred years of cultivation, he has finally reached the top level, and is ready to relax and enjoy his life.

Gender-swap gimmick doesn’t carry the whole manhua

The gimmick of gender-swap manga may change the nature of the characters, but it fails to carry the whole manhua. Gender-swap manga are more likely to use race bending, which can change the look and personality of a character, but has no real story potential. In addition, this approach is impossible to apply to characters tied to Earth ethnicity.

Gender-swap gimmick isn’t enough to carry the whole manhua

The gender-swap gimmack isn’t enough to carry the entire manhua, and Chu Qin proves it. The character is irritatingly hypocritical, despite being a member of a wealthy, important family. The entire gender role reversal is too trite and the artist is only capable of cute girls and battles.

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