Mafia Game

Enjoying the Mafia Game

There are many ways to enjoy the Mafia game. One of the most popular options is to play as a narrator who tells the story of the night before. This person will be a detective, and his job is to convince the townspeople that a person belongs to the Mafia. In addition, the narrator will also tell the story of the mafia at large. Once a person is killed by the Mafia, he or she is out of the game and is no longer considered alive.

The Mafia game features 51 classic cars. The players can choose from a selection of these models, with five of them being racing models. The cars are introduced progressively throughout the game’s storyline. Early models of the 1920s can be driven on the streets, while newer models appear later. Each vehicle is based on a real car of the time, though copyright issues have forced the game makers to rename some of them.

When night falls, Mafia players are required to close their eyes and put their heads down. However, once the Moderator wakes them up, they can see each other. They will then point out the citizen they want to kill. Once they have identified the citizen, they will signal to the Moderator to kill him or her. When night is over, the Mafia can then debate what happened and who got killed. The player who was killed can no longer participate in the debate.

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