Inspira Technologies Is Awarded the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Inspira Technologies is pleased to announce it has been awarded the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award. The company was recognized for its innovation leadership in the areas of early extracorporeal respiratory support, plug-and-play simplicity, multiple recurring revenue streams, and early extracorporeal respiratory support. In addition to its Innovation Leadership Award, Inspira is focused on expanding its business through strategic medical center collaborations and professional association purchasing partnerships. The company also pursues worldwide regulatory approvals in multiple regions.

Innovation Leadership Award

Inspira Technologies, a respiratory support technology company, has been recognized with the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Technologyinnovation Leadership Award for Europe’s artificial respiratory market. The award recognizes Inspira Technologies’ innovative ART system, a cost-effective early extracorporeal respiratory support system. ART works by using a hemo-protective flow approach to rebalance oxygen saturation levels in a patient’s bloodstream, allowing for improved survival rates and reduced need for mechanical ventilation.

The 2021 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leader Award recognizes companies demonstrating exemplary leadership and innovation in their respective markets. Frost & Sullivan analyzes the performance of companies in the market and identifies disruptive technologies and new business models. For the first time, a company has received such a prestigious honor, demonstrating its ability to innovate and lead the way in its industry.

The award recognizes the company’s ability to innovate and establish a new standard in respiratory care. The ART(tm) system eliminates the need for a specialist, reducing patient risk and limiting Cath room requirements. By eliminating these complications, Inspira has the potential to overcome the complicated set-up requirements of ECMO and create a new standard of care.

Investors form an opinion of Inspira Technologies’ intrinsic value. These investors use various methods to calculate the intrinsic value of a stock. They then buy the stock at a market price below the intrinsic value. Intrinsic value can differ significantly from the market value. It’s important to note that the market value is a different thing from its book value.

Plug-and-play simplicity

Inspira Technologies recently won the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Technology award for plug-and-play simplicity. The award is in recognition of its leadership in enabling new business models and generating recurring revenue streams in the medical sector. The company has forged partnerships with professional associations, strategic medical centers, and purchasing collaborations with global medical device companies.

The company’s ART(tm) system is plug-and-play, removing the need for specialists and circumventing the requirement of a Cath room. ART could potentially overcome the complicated set-up requirements of ECMO. With minimal invasiveness and plug-and-play simplicity, Inspira is a promising innovation in respiratory care.

Multiple recurring revenue streams

The technology award recognizes Inspira for its efforts to develop a business model that will generate recurring revenue. The company focuses on multiple recurring revenue streams in the medical sector, including its purchasing collaborations with global medical device manufacturers and strategic partnerships with key strategic medical centers. Having been in business for more than 60 years, the Frost & Sullivan team continuously evaluates new growth opportunities and challenges for the companies it works with.

The ART system from Inspira Technologies is designed to raise patients’ oxygen saturation and decrease their reliance on mechanical ventilation. ART’s hemo-protective low-flow technology enables patients to rebalance their oxygen saturation levels even while they are awake. As a result, Inspira Technologies is poised to set a new standard for respiratory care.

Early extracorporeal respiratory support

Inspira Technologies is the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Award for early additional respiratory support. The ART(tm) system is a minimally invasive and cost-effective device intended to serve as a second lung for patients undergoing respiratory support. Each year, millions of patients require respiratory support from mechanical ventilators, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made the need for such care even greater. A solution that can reduce complications, extend mechanical ventilation treatments, and enhance patient recovery is needed.

The ART system is designed to elevate oxygen saturation levels without the use of invasive mechanical ventilation. ART’s hemo-protective low-flow technology helps rebalance patients’ saturation levels while they are awake. Its patented hemo-protective flow technology reduces the risk of invasive mechanical ventilation and enhances patient recovery.

Inspira has selected GlobalLogic Inc., a global leader in digital engineering, as its partner in developing the ART’s control platform. The ART will use GlobalLogic’s algorithms to monitor patient oxygen saturation levels and other vital patient stats. The partnership between Inspira and GlobalLogic will help the company create a digitally enhanced artificial lung that will empower doctors with crucial patient information.

Inspira’s growth strategy focuses on creating multiple recurring revenue streams across the medical sectors. The company’s efforts will include partnering with strategic medical centers, professional associations, and purchasing collaborations with global medical device companies. Additionally, the company intends to file for global regulatory approvals in multiple regions. Further, its ART system will be used for a clinical trial in H2-2023.

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