I am Carrying Gold From the Post-Apocalyptic World

I Am Carrying Gold From The Post-Apocalyptic World

I am carrying gold from a post-apocalyptic world, and it’s true!” You may be thinking, “True, but can that be true?” You’re not alone! There are many stories like this. Read on to find out what the truth is. Whether they’re true or not is another matter entirely. There is an important distinction between the two.


The I Am Carrying Gold From The Post-Apocalyptic World manga is an incredible tale of high risk and reward. Wang Bin, the titular last man, has the opportunity to make millions carrying gold from the devastated world. While zombies are the most common threat, survivors are a hundred times more dangerous. But in this swashbuckling tale, Wang Bin is a survivor with a great mission to bring back the golden age of commerce.

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