How To Measure Bra Size

How to Measure Your Bust and Cup Size

When it comes to buying a new bra, knowing how to measure your bust is very important. The band size of your bra provides around 80 per cent of the support, so it is crucial that you find the right size. Once you have your bust measurement, you can determine your cup size. To determine your bust size, simply lay flat on a level surface and measure your bust line.

Your band size provides 80 per cent of a bra’s support

A bra’s support comes from its band, which should fit snugly around your body. It should be wide enough to slide two or three fingers up and around the back of the bra, but not so loose that it falls off. Try trying on smaller band sizes to see if you can stretch them a little bit. Stretch your bra to the smallest setting, and then gradually increase the straps to a snug fit.

Band size is usually based on your underbust circumference, which is the under-bust area under your breasts. In the United States, band sizes are listed in inches. In other countries, they are measured in centimeters. A cup size, on the other hand, is based on your bust size. To determine your bust size, subtract your underbust circumference from your chest circumference. This difference is then converted to an alphabetical letter.

Your bust line measurement determines your cup size

To determine your cup size, you must first know the length of your bust line. It’s usually located along the nipple line, or the fullest part of your bust. To get a proper measurement, place a tape measure across your back. Subtract your bust measurement from your band measurement, and you’ll get your cup size. In the case of a band-only bra, the difference will be one to two inches.

Once you have this measurement, you’ll know what cup size to get. You’ll need a measuring tape that is long enough to wrap around your upper torso. To get the most accurate measurement, measure the bust line at the highest point of your breasts. The tape should be the same height in both the front and back. Record this measurement on a piece of paper and refer to it to determine your bra size.

Virtual fittings for bigger boobs

If you’re looking for a bra that fits your bigger boobs, you might want to take advantage of virtual fittings. These virtual fittings are the next best thing to a real fitting, and they’re completely free of charge! Using a video camera, you can take measurements of your breast size and compare them to a virtual one. Virtual fittings are especially helpful if you’re not comfortable going to the store to try on bras.

Shopping online is faster and easier than going to a physical store, but you have to be sure of your bra size. Otherwise, you might end up buying the wrong size or experience discomfort. Virtual fittings make this process easy because you can use a simple measuring tape and answer a few questions to find the correct bra size for you. Another bonus of virtual fittings is that you don’t have to deal with wrapping the measuring tape around your chest.

Avoiding going up or down by more than one size

Whenever you are looking to buy a new bra, the first step is determining your bra size. Depending on your measurements, you can go up or down by one size. However, you should avoid going up or down by more than one size. This is because it will lead to the band being too large or too small. Therefore, it is important to know your actual bra size and know how to use a bra size chart. This will make it easier to try on bras.

When you are measuring your bra size, you should keep in mind that the band and cup sizes should match. If they don’t match, you may need to buy a larger or smaller size. This is because band sizes are usually tight. Also, smaller band sizes tend to run tight.

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