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How to Hide the Emperors Child – Chapter One

If you’re interested in reading How to Hide the Emperors Child, you’ve come to the right place. Read chapter one at, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an addict! This manga series has a side story about the MC’s father, who kidnaps the emperor’s son and tries to keep the emperor from knowing.

MC’s father kidnaps the emperor’s son

In the Chinese novel, “The Notorious Parents,” MC’s father is a mysterious figure who kidnaps the emperor’s son. The father is one of the most wanted men by the authorities. In this story, the father of an emperor’s son kidnaps his child. The emperor is shocked to learn that his son is a Notorious Parent.

In the novel, the MC’s father, Kuzco, kidnaps the emperor’s son to get revenge for the murder of his wife. The emperor’s son is Yzma, a man who had taken Kuzco’s picture for his yearbook. But the truth is much darker than that, and the emperor’s son is the one who is being kidnapped.

MC’s mother dies

How to hide the emperors child is a book that takes place after the MC’s mother has passed away. The MC’s mother died when he was still a small child. He worried about the baby and his brother. ML and his brother tell him the story of Theor’s first pregnancy and that he had to hide his son. Later, Theor dies in childbirth, and ML and MC have to get back to the palace to raise the baby.

FL is pregnant when the emperor wiped out corrupt nobles. She hid the child, but was caught by her father and goes into deep depression. She eventually learns her son’s identity. She tries to convince the emperor to accept the baby, but he does not believe her. FL is in a position to make a decision.

MC tries to keep emperor from knowing

MC is pregnant, but she is having trouble. Her mom has died, and ML and her brother are worried about her. The emperor discovers her in a will, but it says to read it in the presence of the previous empress. He wants to marry her, but she is not willing to accept him. Eventually, she agrees to marry ML and has a child of her own. The emperor is overprotective and goes after her cousins, but she tries to keep her secret.

The MC tries to hide Theor’s real identity from the emperor. She tries to keep him from knowing that Theor is her child. She fakes being ill to speed up the trip and puts eye drops in his eyes 2x a day. She also pretends to be a doctor, but he is just fooling around. She also pretends to be ill to speed up the journey, forcing her grandfather and Theor to take the child back to their homeland.

MC’s side story

In “Theor and the Magician’s Stone,” MC tries to hide Theor’s true identity from the emperor and the dowager empress by placing eyedrops in the emperor’s eyes twice a day. It is a well-known fact that only royal children have red eyes and black hair. However, when Theor is born, everyone knows he is Theor. As a result, MC sends the emperor and the ML away to a safe place.

FL is pregnant when the emperor kills the corrupt nobles and FL is forced to move in with her distant relative. She hides the baby for fear of the emperor finding out and killing her. She falls into a deep depression, which leads to the birth of her son. However, she manages to save the child and eventually escapes from the emperor’s house.

MC’s father

How to Hide the Emperor’s child is an exciting fantasy manga by Shueisha. The story follows a boy and his girl-friends as they grow up and try to survive their first marriage. ML bonds with the boy, but is poisoned by a mysterious stranger. After the poisoning, ML feels guilty that he didn’t know MC loved him more when they were kids. Theor’s tutor also gets jealous of the boy and he decides to kill him.

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