Black As Night Star Asjha Cooper Addresses Colorism in Hollywood: ‘There Are Still Very Few That Look Like Me.”

In her new book, “Black As Night: Women of Color in Film,” Asjha Cooper addresses the colorism of Hollywood and its impact on black women in the film industry. Cooper cites several examples, including Pedro, Wesley Snipes, and Frankie Smith. In the interview, she also mentions that the film’s cast is mostly black, and this has prompted some people to question how her race has been represented.

Asjha Cooper

Asjha Cooper, a black actress, has been making the news lately for her role in Black As Night on Prime Video. The film is included in Prime Video’s free streaming service. Cooper will portray an accelerated character in Chicago Med. Here are some other reasons to watch Black As Night. Hopefully you’ll see her in it! We’re excited for her future in the film industry! Read on for more details.

Asjha Cooper was born July 17, 1993, in Denton, Texas. She has appeared in films like Everybody Wants Some!! and Hysteria, and she has also voiced characters in games like Bingo Hell and The Boys Presents Diabolical. In addition to her acting, she has also been active on social media, with over 8,000 followers on Instagram. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Cooper addressed colorism in Hollywood.

Black as Night is a supernatural action-horror film that stars Asjha Cooper as a teenage girl who fights a group of vicious vampires. While the film’s theme is largely horror and action, it also carries a powerful social message. Black As Night tackles colorism in Hollywood by focusing on the treatment of people of color in the film. Cooper has been an advocate for diversity in Hollywood for several years, and we’re glad to see her becoming more prominent.

Frankie Smith

The actress and producer of Black As Night sat down with theGrio to discuss how the colorism in Hollywood is affecting her career. Her new film, “Wake,” is a vampire movie and her private life is equally interesting. She addresses issues surrounding colorism and other forms of racism in an exclusive interview. Read on to find out more. Also, check out Black As Night: Watching Her Private Life

Asjha Cooper is a recent graduate of the American Film Institute and a member of the National Association of Black Actors. Her impressive list of credits includes The Color of Money, All American, and Chicago Med. Her upcoming film, “Black As Night,” is a horror flick that fuses the vampire trope with Black American history. She talks about the experience of working on the movie, the cast bonding, and her impressions of Chicago.

“Black As Night” is a clever action-horror film that tackles a socially conscious topic while still having a fun atmosphere. Set in New Orleans fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina, the film explores the effects of the natural disaster that left the city’s population vulnerable and unprotected. Meanwhile, fifteen-year-old Shawna vows to even the score by taking out vampires for good. She teams up with three trusted friends and hatches a plan to infiltrate the vampire mansion and turn them back to human form.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes and Asja Cooper address colorism in Hollywood with new film “Major League.” Snipes, who was born in South Africa, earned his movie star stripes in the early 1990s, starring in the critically acclaimed action dramas “Passenger 57” and ‘Drop Zone’. While Snipes’ early roles remained standard action epics, he has since gone on to tackle the most difficult parts of Hollywood.

Snipes’ parents divorced two years after he was born, so he grew up in the Bronx, and later moved with his mother to the South Bronx. During his early years, Snipes performed in talent shows and won a role in the off-Broadway play “The Me Nobody Knows.” His talent and charm helped him snag a minor part in his first film, Major League. He went on to study dance at the High School for Performing Arts in Orlando.

In addition to acting, Snipes is an accomplished martial artist. His career peaked with his role in the 1992 action film “Blade,” based on the comic book series by the same name. He founded a production company, Amen-Ra Films, and a subsidiary, Black Dot Media, to produce projects and make movies. In addition to acting, Snipes is a martial artist, earning a fifth-dan black belt in Shotokan Karate. He has also trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and various styles of kung fu.

Despite his recent success, Snipes’ career has faced its fair share of legal pitfalls. He had a default judgment against the United Talent Agency for unpaid fees, but it was thrown out in November 2007. Asjha Cooper and Wesley Snipes address colorism in Hollywood with a new film. Both actors are African-American and are committed to promoting their country.

Both Snipes and Cooper are successful as actors and are embracing colorism in their careers. In addition to their acting talents, both actors have had roles on television shows like The Fosters and Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader. Cooper is currently appearing in Chicago Med and CW’s “All American.” They both attribute the changes in the industry for the success of their careers.


While the film’s themes and subject matter may be light, there are some heavy themes, including colorism and classism. In the film, Shawna confronts her insecurities and crushes. Black As Night star Asjha Cooper addresses colorism in Hollywood by saying that the Hollywood industry has failed to reflect the diversity of its audiences. The film is set in a world where people are conditioned to think that whites are more talented than black people.

In Black As Night, Asjha Cooper plays a young woman named Shawna who fights off a coven of sinister vampires who prey on the poor and disenfranchised in New Orleans. The movie begins with a homeless man being attacked by undead blood drinkers. As the movie moves on, it introduces some of its main characters, including Shawna’s best friend Pedro.

Aside from Black As Night, Asjha Cooper’s career is promising as she has been cast as a new recurring character on Chicago Med. She also plays a black woman in the upcoming thriller There’s Someone in Your House on Netflix. If you’re looking for a good horror film, don’t miss the 2021 installment of the Welcome to Blumhouse series.

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