Bad Accident On I-75 Today Georgia

Three People Injured in a Horrible Accident on I-75 Today

Three people were injured in a horrible trucking accident on I-75 in Georgia today. Two tractor-trailers and one passenger car were involved. The two truck drivers died at the scene, while the third driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the passengers of the passenger vehicle were able to escape without any serious injuries. The roadway was closed in all southbound lanes for a long time, but police worked quickly to clear the scene.

a Tesla struck the rear of an 18-wheeler on i-75 in Bartow County

Two truck drivers and a Tesla driver were killed after a fiery crash on I-75 in Bartow County today. The third driver of the tractor-trailer suffered minor injuries. The drivers of the Tesla and tractor-trailer were pronounced dead at the scene. The passenger of the Tesla was transported to Kennestone Wellstar by EMS. A Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is investigating the crash.

a tractor-trailer ran off the road in Cartersville

An investigation is under way after a fiery crash near Cartersville, Georgia. Three tractor-trailers, a box truck, and a blue car were all involved. State troopers shut down I-75 near mile marker 293 to investigate the cause of the crash. Investigators believe one tractor-trailer struck the rear of another. The third tractor-trailer then hit the back of the first.

a semi ran off the road in Stockbridge

A semi driver has died after his truck went off the road in Stockbridge, Georgia, near Atlanta. The driver of the semi has been killed, as has another trucker. The accident took place at around 2 a.m. The truck was carrying fertilizer, and the driver was killed instantly. The semi driver’s name was not immediately released. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

a semi veered off the road in Putney

A tractor-trailer crashed into an overpass in Putney, Georgia, on Wednesday, forcing it to fall six feet off the road. It was the first major truck accident in the city in more than a decade, and it happened right around the corner from the Putney Veterinary Clinic. The semi-truck driver was not injured, but his trailer slammed into the bridge, forcing it to fall six feet off the road.

two tractor-trailer drivers died in accidents on i-75 in Bartow County

At least two truck drivers were killed in crashes on I-75 today in Bartow County. One semi driver was traveling north when he collided with a blue car on the shoulder. The first truck driver died, while the other passenger was killed. Authorities suspect limited visibility and the controlled burn that was taking place near the interstate contributed to the accidents.

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